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White kitchens and wood

A white kitchen is primarily a transparent and thus you can easily change its overall style. However the chill emanating from the polished, glossy white countertops may also, over time, get rather dull. White kitchens are ideally suited for modern interiors, but are also a classic example, for example considering the French style. Enthusiasts of the latter are especially recommended to combine the standard white fronts with wood. Most designers try to mix the traditional character of the wood, providing it a hint of a classical style of a white coloured kitchen. For this purpose, the wooden worktops or wooden frames, thus creating an impression of wooden cabinets. A common solution for this is also, a combination of a white kitchen with wooden floors and furniture. White kitchen Wieniawski series – more HERE           White modern kitchen Helsinki seres – more HERE                   Share

Bespoke kitchens layout – comfort and efficiency

bespoke kitchen

As the center of the home, the importance of the kitchen doesn’t boil down to preparing food. Actually, there is a number of activities which regularly take place there, entertaining guests and having meals being the most obvious examples. That is why, when remodelling your kitchen, you need to reconcile all the functions to make it an idea place for you and your family. Comfort and convenience  of bespoke kitchen The key word to remember when you plan your bespoke kitchen layout is practicality. The space available must be used efficiently for both the activities performed and storage, which means it should provide comfort and convenience when doing things as well as all the utensils, pots and appliances are stored in a way that makes it possible to find them easily. Additionally, your space should satisfy your aesthetic needs, which often tend to exclude practicality. As the cost of having your kitchen remodelled is really high, it might be a good idea to look for the help of a professional kitchen designer, who can offer optimal solutions to make it functional and attractive. Depending on its size, the options to be taken into consideration include a centre island, which provides […]

How to choose the right pieces of furniture for your kitchen

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Before furnishing your kitchen, you should consider some factors that may help you make thoughtful choice. Firstly, you always have to bear in mind that kitchen furniture is the most exploited equipment in the house. You prepare and eat your meals here, and all the stuff here is much more likely to get damaged, therefore you should pick equipment that is solid and very durable. If you decide to buy cheap kitchen cabinets and drawers they will quickly deteriorate due to steam and physical damage, and at the end you will pay twice – for new pieces, constant repairs or your kitchen will just not be pleasing to eyes. When shopping for furniture, you should pay extra attention to the quality of materials and how good is the finishing of kitchen units. While considering the appropriate style you can chiefly rely on your own taste, but still should remember to be consistent. If you are going to buy modern style cabinets, you should also pick the same style for kitchen units. The most important factor is the size of kitchen. You first need to measure kitchen space before buying anything. In case of unordinary sizes or shapes of the room […]

Modern Kitchens… opened or closed off?

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As a child, I was always convinced, that only closed up kitchens exist in traditional houses and flats, including one window or doors to the back garden etc. But all of these entrances lead to the exterior area. These days, many other ways out can be found. Remember if you have the budget and a big enough/proportional house then it is well worth creating a more functional, unique and modern design. According to some developers it is a good idea to make the kitchen big. Bear in mind that it will be the focus of the entire house. I guarantee you will spend there more time than in your own bedroom. If this isn’t possible make it seem large, let the light enter! Therefore making as many windows is great, huge French doors, anything that could open the kitchen up to the sunshine. Another option is to have the living room joined with the kitchen, thus creating a united and a fashionable design, certainly something that isn’t popular amongst the British housing. For example, I was at my friend’s house not so long ago, overall his house is pretty petite, however his kitchen provided the complete, opposite impression, and it […]