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Stylish Kitchen - guide and FAQ
  • FAQ



Guide to creating an order via


I. Registering a user account


To place an online order via, first create a user account. You can sign up by filling out the registration here Stylish Kitchen registation (by clicking the “New Order” or “Login” button at each subpage in the website).

You only need to fill in your e-mail address and enter your password twice to be able to log in successfully. Please note that your password must contain at least 6 characters (letters or digits). 

register form


Following a successful registration you can log in to our website using the a-mail address and password submitted with the form. The system will automatically upload the page with a new order form.



II. Creating a new order


To add a kitchen item to your order, please follow the five-step procedure:


1. Selecting the type of items: kitchen elements or accessories

To order an item from a particular collection, please select the kitchen of your choice (if you have already added an item to your cart, the “kitchen” option will be automatically selected *). If you want to order an accessory, please select the “Accessories” option.

selecting kitchen design

Order form – step 1: selecting a design


* You cannot include elements from various kitchen collections in one order.



2. Selecting wood and staining


After selecting a particular kitchen design or the “Accessories” option, you will be required to specify the type of wood and staining for the element by selecting a proper item from the drop-down menu. With the kitchen design already selected, the menu will display types of wood and staining available for that design. Otherwise the menu will show all available woods and stainings. For accessories, there is also a possibility to decide whether an item should be painted or not. To order an item that is not painted, select the option “element not painted”.

selecting kitchen wood

Order form – step 2: selecting wood and staining

not painted

Order form – step 2: selecting wood and staining + the “element not painted” option


3. Selecting an item


The next step is to select the item you want to include in your order. If you have previously selected the “Kitchen” option, the menu will display kitchen elements and decorative items matching the selected kitchen design. For the “Accessories” option, the menu will show all available accessories for the wood and staining selected in step 2.

selecting an intem

Order form – step 3: selecting an item


An additional option may appear below the menu, depending on the item. When ordering a frame door (marked with DR) or a frame door curved (DRG), you will have a possibility of choosing the type of filling (available glasses and stained glass windows in the menu will match the chosen element from a kitchen collection). Do not select the option if you want an element without filling. However once you have selected a filling, it will be also possible to order that filling without frame doors by selecting the field “order filling only”.

selecting item 2


Order form – step 3: selecting an element and its filling




4. Specifying dimensions


When an element is chosen, the next step is to specify its dimensions. For most elements two options are available: standard sizes and custom sizes. However, if there are technical limitations, the custom size option may be unavailable. If this is the case, the option is inactive. On the other hand, if an element does not have a predetermined “standard” size, the only option in the form available is to specify dimensions of your own choice.


selecting dimenstions


Order form – step 4: selecting dimensions


To select the item’s dimensions, you must either:

  • select proper dimensions from the standard sizes menu, or

  • select the “custom sizes” option and in the fields: height and width enter your own values, which must be within the permitted range of sizes

order form

Order form – step 4: selecting a standard size
Order form – step 4: customizing your own size


After selecting a standard size from the menu or specifying your own values, in the next column you will see a price calculated by the system. If you specified a type of filling, its price will be included in the calculation too.*


order count

Order form – step 4: calculating a unit price


* If in your order you have selected a filling without a frame door, the price of a frame door will not be displayed nor added to the order value.



5. Specifying quantity


The last step of the ordering procedure is to specify the quantity of items to be ordered, whether a kitchen element or an accessory. Please enter the required value in the field “Quantity / Value” and then click the button “calculate”. The system will calculate the total price of the selected item.

kitchen quaranty

Order form – step 5: specifying the quantity of items



If all entered values are correct, you may add the selected item to the cart by clicking the “add do cart” button. The product will be added to your order while the order form will be reset, allowing the user to start another ordering procedure from the first step. All the time you will be able to view the products in your cart below the order form. You can delete an item added to your cart at all times by clicking the “delete” button in the order list.

saving order




III. Saving an order / order list


Any time you can save the cart contents without placing an order. To do this, please click the “add to whishlist” button below the list of products added to the cart. Optionally, you can add a note to your order by filling out the “general notes to the order” field.

The list of all your (current and placed) orders can be viewed in the “whishlist” bookmark that is available in the user’s menu. Using the bookmark you can view an order (you can re-edit the form by clicking the “edit” button there), download its PDF copy or delete an order which has not been placed yet.



IV. Placing an order


When all required items have been added to the cart, you may place an order by clicking the “checkout” button, which you find below the list of items in your cart.


After placing an order you will be asked to fill in some details required to process the order. They include: first and last name, company name (not mandatory), address, postal code, city, telephone no (not mandatory, however with this information your order will be verified faster), VAT ID/NIP (not mandatory) and e-mail address. Please indicate if the shipping address is not the same as the address specified above and fill out the appropriate spaces.


After filling in and checking your details, please click the “checkout” button below the form. Your order will be sent to the system, which will display the order summary.

Guide to creating/placing an order via
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