• Modern kitchens
  • Modern kitchens

    In wide selection of our kitchens you will find functionality, practicality, original look and innovative solutions - everything what modern kitchen should have. In our modern designs we use bold, contrasting colours combinations and minimalistic, simple forms. Along with colours, we combine also different materials like laminated graphics on kitchen cabinets made on glass in aluminium frames, forming into one, beautiful picture.

    Modern kitchen ideas influenced by greatest cities

    fine modern kitchen unitsThe minimalist forms, elegant finishes, trendy, contrasting colours and modern, simple design. You will find the energy and influence of the greatest cities in the world, and each series of furniture design hints to a place whose name it bears. We present to you functional and practical, top-quality materials - kitchen cabinets which you will enjoy for many years.

    We create our kitchen units according to latest technical trends and using fresh ideas for wood in modern kitchens. They are made from solid, best quality materials, using advanced technology. In presented arrangements bright colours and wood are combined together with a delicate hint of grain. They have a high standard trims and are also fulfil requirements of comfort and safety.

    Ergonomic and innovative kitchen units and cabinets

    One of the most important features of modern kitchen is ergonomics. You will find it in our capacious cabinets, which give you also a possibility to make use of all kind of niche spaces sizes. Among our various designs are units that let us to optimally furnish both small and big space. Very well-developed and constructed with attention to detail modern kitchen isles are our reason for pride.

    Essence of modernity in our projects are handleless kitchen doors, stone and granite worktops fluently turned into a tabletops or breakfast bars.

    Our offer is directed to people, who appreciate order and harmony, who want to create warm and homey place to spend time with family. Thanks to our cabinets, kitchen will not only be beautiful and unique but also functional and comfortable.

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Modern Kitchens Cabinets and Units by Stylish Kitchen LTD, Manchester
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